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Running out of space on your hard drive, but don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of upgrading, and don’t have time to figure out what to delete either? Take the easy way out by picking up a promotional copy of today’s shrink software, Files Inspector Pro 3.40 Patch!

Files Inspector Pro 3.40 Crack allows you to quickly scan your file system and identify which items are taking up the most disk space! With Files Inspector Pro, you don’t have to manually go through folders and sort through files looking for the fastest way to reclaim the most space.

Even better, Files Inspector Pro 3.40 Serial Key gives you a visual representation of the data on your hard drive by file type, so you know what to do right away. Since Files Inspector Pro puts deleted files in the Trash, it’s easy to undo your mistake. And with a variety of powerful features, power users can dig deeper into their data!

Files Inspector Pro 3.40 Key Features:

  • Quick analysis

Gives results immediately after starting. Allows you to judge what data is on the disk.

  • Visual results

The analyzer examines the data on the disk and displays the results in a handy diagram, which indicates which elements take up the most disk space on your PC.

  • Advanced features for experienced users

Power users can flexibly and comprehensively learn information about their media and delete unnecessary data.

  • Express analysis of user files

The express test scans folders, documents, pictures, videos, music, and other files and displays the occupied disk space.

  • Advanced Analyzer

For advanced users, the Files Inspector Pro 3.40 License Key has an advanced scanner that allows you to assess data from all files and folders on your existing storage media.

  • Deletion of unneeded data

Once you find unnecessary files or folders in the file inspector PST scanner, you can delete them without having to use Explorer or other tools to work with the file system.

  • Delete unnecessary files and folders

While studying the contents of the disk, you can delete unnecessary files and folders in a few clicks to free up space on your computer’s media.

  • Removing unneeded applications

Deleting unnecessary applications is one of the important steps to free up disk space. Applications can be deleted directly through the File Inspector.

  • Safety

Files Inspector Pro 3.40 Keygen allows you to delete files and folders. To avoid bad deeds, all deleted items are placed in the Trash, from where they can be retrieved immediately.

  • Lossless Image Compression (JPEG)

To free up extra space, you can compress photos without losing quality. It also reduces the space taken up by photos by an average of 10%.

What’s new in Files Inspector Pro 3.40?

(Released on 18-09-2023)

Applications and Games section:

  • Uninstalling multiple applications at once is now faster. If you choose to uninstall multiple applications at once, you only have to go through the uninstall screens once, rather than repeating the same steps for each application you want to uninstall.
  • These options became available for some applications during uninstall:
    • Speed Up the Standard Uninstaller by Hiding Unnecessary Windows.
    • Standard Uninstaller Only. No Traces Lookup.
    • Forced Uninstall: No Standard Uninstaller.
  • When uninstalling applications, an extra screen has been removed that suggests searching for their traces in the system. Now the search starts automatically when the standard uninstaller finishes, and you will shortly see the number of application traces found in the system.

Bugs fixed:

  • Installing applications with tracing could hang or fail immediately after launch (due to the influence of drivers of certain applications).
  • When reopening the application installation with the tracing window, the button at the bottom had the wrong text (“Finish” instead of “Forward”).


Files Inspector Pro License Key & Patch Tested Free Download

Files Inspector Pro Keygen & Activator Latest Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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