SketchUp Pro 2021 v21.1.279 Crack & License Key Free Download

SketchUp Pro 2021 v21.1.279 Patch & Serial Number Latest Full Download

SketchUp Pro Crack & License Key Updated Free Download

SketchUp Pro 2021 Crack is an intuitive 3D modeling application that allows you to create and edit 2D and 3D models with the patented “Press and Drag” method. The Push and Drag tool allows the designer to extrude any flat surface into a 3D shape. All you have to do is click on the object and then drag it until you like what you see.

SketchUp Pro 2021 Patch (formerly Google SketchUp) is easy-to-use 3D modeling software with a comprehensive database of user-generated and downloadable models. You can use it to sketch (or import) models to help with all kinds of projects – furniture making, video game design, 3D printing, interior design, and anything else you can think of.

The most intuitive way to design, document, and communicate your ideas in 3D. Work on your ideas in 3D space and quickly develop your projects. Precision from the start is key. SketchUp Pro 2021 Keygen allows you to design, define and plan all stages of a project. Position-centric information is changing the way people, businesses, and governments around the world work. By implementing Trimble’s advanced positioning solutions, increased productivity and safety are achieved.

SketchUp Pro 2021 License Key includes image layout, surface rendering features and supports third-party Warehouse extension plugins. This app has a variety of applications, especially in the world of architecture, interior design, landscape, and video game design. SketchUp Pro 2021 Full Version has also been successful with people who want to create, share, or download 3D models for use with 3D printers.

SketchUp Pro 2021 v21.1.279 Key Features:

  • 3D Modeling: The most intuitive way to design, document, and communicate your ideas in 3D.
  • Iterate in 3D: Work on your ideas in 3D space and quickly develop your projects.
  • Accurate, detailed models: Precision from the start is key. SketchUp Pro 2021 Serial Key allows you to design, define and plan at all stages of a project.
  • Interoperability: SketchUp Pro 2021 Serial Number works perfectly with all the other tools in your design toolbox.
  • Extensibility: Use the Warehouse extension to create SketchUp exactly the way you want it.
  • Objects: Work smart and fast with SketchUp objects.
  • Customization: Customize the look and feel of the style of any project to make it your own.
  • Generate Reports: Get stakeholders all the details they need to get the job done.
  • Inferencing: This is not SketchUp’s first rodeo. SketchUp uses inference to facilitate accuracy and speed.

What’s new in SketchUp Pro 2021 v21.1.279?

(Released on June 08, 2021)


  • Fixed a memory leak in component instance creation.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during a validity check.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adjusting Live Component settings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when push/pulling a divided face where one of the edges contains a curve that extends past the face.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing the Live Component dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where SketchUp would crash on exit when the Live Component Configuration dialog was open.
  • Fixed an issue where having very long names for materials and styles could prevent the model from being reopened.
  • Fixed an issue where some models created with older versions of the Skalp extension could not be saved.
  • Added a new validity check to fix invalid tags in this case.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after a copy and paste action in a V-Ray scene, if they’re also was an extension using EntitiesObserver.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a new style from an existing style.
  • (Win) Fixed a crash that could occur when working in models that have a very large number of connected faces – e.g., when exploding complex imported CAD files.
  • (Mac) Fixed a crash that would occur when right-clicking on a section plane if SketchUp was not the app that was in focus.
  • (Mac) Fixed a problem where materials in the app bundle that was not writeable would cause a crash.
  • (Mac) Fixed an intermittent crash that would sometimes occur after signing in or adding a license.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where SketchUp would sometimes intermittently crash on close.
  • (Mac) Fixed a crash that would occur when quitting SketchUp with two modeling windows and the tags dialogs open.


  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where the status bar would not display the correct text after pressing the Esc key.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where entering a value in the Measurements Box while pushing an object would cause the object to extrude in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where a pre-selected face would be deselected after a push/pull operation completed when geometry overlapped.
  • Modified the Push/Pull tool to always display a positive number in the Measurements Box regardless of push/pull direction.
  • Fixed an issue when using the Push/Pull tool where a face or object would extrude in the wrong direction after entering a value in the Measurements Box and double-clicking the mouse to perform multiple extrusions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Scale tool where the scale handles would disappear when zooming in extremely close on an interior face of a 3D object.
  • Fixed an issue where switching the mode for the Push/Pull tool (normal, copy, stretch) would show incorrect geometry until the next mouse movement.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Push/Pull tool in stretch mode on an isolated face led to unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed several tools whose status bar text did not update until the cursor was moved.
  • (Win) Fixed a corrupt cursor graphic for the Push/Pull tool copy mode.

Model Error Checking:

  • Fixed an issue where validity errors could occur when exporting a model using the “Export only current selection” option.
  • Fixed an issue where a validity error could occur due to a missing persistent ID when performing a push/pull operation on a face with a dividing line.
  • Fixed an issue where persistent ID validity errors would not be fixed after performing Undo Check Validity and Redo Check Validity.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a component containing a face with a curve as an edge could result in a validity error / displaced geometry.
  • Added a validity check to fix an issue where sketchy edges could become shared between the active style and another style which would cause a crash.
  • Implemented a setting in the SketchUp Preferences to enable or disable automatically fixing model errors, similar to the preferences setting that could be found before SketchUp 2021.0. This setting is enabled by default, and the option to notify when problems are fixed is not enabled by default. Even though validity checking will not be performed when this option is disabled, some models may still encounter errors while trying to save or auto-save. In these rare instances, the user will be presented with a dialog box asking if they would like SketchUp to resolve the errors and complete the save operation or if they would prefer to cancel the save operation without fixing any issues.


  • Fixed an issue so that when the Untagged tag is selected, the Delete Tag item in the Details menu is disabled.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where renaming a tag that was nested in a folder using the single click method on a selected tag, the rename would be rejected.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the Tag Group name was not truncated in the name column.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue in the Tags dialog where the horizontal scroll bar would not appear in some instances.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where scrolling through a large number of tags would not display all available tags.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue in the Tag Dialog where long tag names ran into the color swatch.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where a tagged folder could not be deleted.
  • (Mac) You will no longer be able to edit a Tag name in the Entity Info Tag dropdown. This is intended to prevent Tag names from inadvertently being changed when looking up a tag or invoking a tool via keyboard input.
  • (Mac) ‘Untagged’ Tag is now located at the top of the Entity Info dialog tag dropdown box.


  • Fixed an issue where you could not export just your selection to our 3D export formats when in a component edit.
  • Fixed an issue where Export Selection was not working.
  • Fixed an issue when importing a modified component where a non-unique instance of the original component was created.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue when exporting to PDF where languages that read Right to Left would not display properly.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where exporting a model containing Chinese characters to PDF would remove or distort the text.


  • Fixed a problem with the Autoupdate dialog, where the Remind Me Later button remained during download.
  • Improved the wording of errors that occur when attempting to install SketchUp on a 32-bit machine or when there is insufficient disk space (less than 2GB) to install.
  • (Win) Fixed an installer problem where previously installed languages were not pre-populated in the language selection window when upgrading.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the SketchUp installer would fail with an error saying that LayOut was still running, even though it wasn’t.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where a warning was not shown when attempting to install an older version of SketchUp on top of a newer one.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where installing SketchUp Viewer on a system that did not have SketchUp installed failed to create file associations and thumbnails.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where uninstalling SketchUp Viewer did not remove associated files from the Program Files folder.
  • (Win) Installation of SketchUp Viewer will now create a ViewerInstallShield.log file in the same location as the Viewer installer.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where minor upgrades did not retain Recent files in the Startup and Taskbar right-click menus.


  • Fixed a problem where some of the template units were not localized because they were using the singular version of length units.
  • Fixed an issue where truncation occurred for Scene details in Spanish.
  • Fixed several incorrect localized language translations.
  • The Swedish localized version has been re-translated. If you are a Swedish customer, please take a look at the new translations.


  • Addressed an issue to distinguish between Education (EDU) trial licenses and Commercial trial licenses in the Welcome Window licensing tab.
  • (Win) Updated a date reference in the error message thrown when entering an invalid classic license.


  • We have upgraded our Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) to version 88.
  • Fixed an issue where clipping could occur in large models when working at the edge of the model’s extents.
  • Fixed an issue where after configuring a Live Component, the thumbnail in the Components Browser did not reflect its current state.
  • Fixed an issue where, after making a component unique, the definition name of the original component was suggested as the pre-filled file name in the Save As dialog. Now, when a component is made unique, the Save As dialog will suggest the unique definition name as a pre-filled file name.
  • Fixed an issue so that SketchUp applies the default material to objects when the Import Materials option is unchecked.
  • Fixed a problem where Outliner changed size depending on the entities selected.
  • Improved draw-time performance of Live Component configuration once the configuration panel has already loaded
  • Fixed the meaning of a label by renaming the Use Background Color checkbox to Override Fog Color.
  • Fixed an issue where an “Internal Error” dialog could pop up when using various Ruby plugins.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where renaming a Tray by changing the case failed.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where duplicate templates would show in the Welcome Window.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the active thumbnail in the component browser did not update when editing a component.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem to ensure the removal of unused web helper processes.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where inserting a 3D Warehouse model into the current model, then choosing “no” from the options dialog, causes the model to not be inserted and the user is presented with the option to save the model as a separate .skp file.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where the Classifier dialog controls did not position properly in high dpi.
  • (Win) Fixed a problem where .skp files created by SketchUp 2021 did not show thumbnails.
  • (Win) Fixed an issue where Tags and Scenes were not displayed properly when downloading from Trimble Connect.
  • (Mac) Fixed the “Make Component” button tooltip.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue when dragging an image in “Customize Toolbar” where the cursor would display offset on BigSur.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the Entity Info dialog could shrink when cycling between entity types.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue to allow applying a style when changing scenes.
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue where the 3D Warehouse tooltip did not display correctly when mousing-over the icon in the ‘Large Tool Set.’


SketchUp Pro Full Serial Number & Patch Tested Free Download

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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