Password Depot 17.2.1 Crack & License Key Free Download

Password Depot 17.2.1 Patch & Serial Key {Tested} Full Download

Password Depot Crack & License Key Free Download

Password Depot 17.2.1 Crack is a powerful and very user-friendly password manager that helps you organize all your passwords – but also, for example, your credit card information, software licenses, RDP connections, etc. This software keeps your data safe – in three ways: it keeps your data securely encrypted, ensures secure use of data, and helps you create secure passwords.

However, Password Depot 17.2.1 Keygen guarantees security: it also represents ease of use, a high degree of customization, marked flexibility in terms of interactions with other devices, and, last but not least, extreme functional versatility.

Password Depot 17.2.1 Key Features:

Secure password storage

  • Better encryption. At Password Depot 17.2.1 Patch, your information is encrypted not once, but twice, using the 256-bit AES algorithm. In the United States, this algorithm is approved for state documents with the highest security clearance!
  • Two-factor authentication. You can secure your database twice. To start with, you choose a master password that must be entered each time you open the file. Additionally, you can choose to protect your data via a lock file which must be downloaded to open the file.
  • Protection against brute force attacks. Anytime the master password is entered incorrectly, the program is locked for three seconds. This makes attacks that rely solely on password testing possible – a so-called “brute force attack” – nearly impossible.
  • Backup copy. Password Depot Full Version generates a backup copy of your database. Backups can optionally be stored locally, on an FTP server on the Internet (also via SFTP), or on an external hard drive. You can set the time interval between individual backups.

Safe use of data

  • Protection against keylogging. All program password fields are internally protected against various types of keylogging. This prevents your sensitive data entry from being spied on.
  • Memory without a trace. When managing your passwords, Password Depot leaves no trace on your PC’s working memory. Therefore, even a hacker who is directly on your computer and searches the memory dump cannot find any passwords.
  • Clipboard protection. Password Depot 17.2.1 License Key protects your clipboard data in several ways: automatically detects any active clipboard viewer and hides changes in the clipboard; Also, after autocomplete, all sensitive data is automatically and immediately deleted from the clipboard.
  • Virtual keyboard. Better protection against keylogging. With this tool, you can enter master passwords or other confidential information without having to touch a physical keyboard. Password Depot Latest Download does not simulate keystrokes but uses an internal cache, so that input cannot be intercepted, whether software or hardware.
  • Fake virtual mouse cursor. While typing, using the program’s virtual keyboard, you can also configure the program to display multiple fake mouse cursors instead of your usual single cursor. This makes it even more impossible to discern your keyboard activity.

Password verified

  • Password cannot be cracked. The built-in password generator creates virtually unbreakable passwords for you. Therefore, in the future, you will no longer need to use passwords like “honey”, a password that can be hacked within minutes, but e.g. “g \ /: 1bmVuz / z7ewß5T $ x_sb} @ <i”. Even the most recent PC can take thousands of years to crack this password!
  • Password quality verified. Let Password Depot verify the quality and security of your passwords! The smart algorithm will check your passwords and warn you about “weak” passwords, which you can then replace using the password generator.
  • Password policy. You can set the basic security requirements that all added or changed passwords must meet. For example, you can specify the minimum length of a password and the range of characters it contains.
  • Security alert. Password Depot 17.2.1 Serial Key contains a list of alerts that monitor the security of your passwords. For example, this program warns you if you are using an unsecured FTP protocol and, in this case, recommends that you use SFTP instead.
  • Protection against dictionary attacks. An important warning that appears in Password Depot is a notification if you are using an insecure password. This is a frequently used password, so it appears in hacker dictionaries and is easy to crack.
  • Warning against expired passwords. You can configure Password Depot Crack to alert you before your password expires, such as before your credit card expiration date. This ensures that your password data is always up-to-date and valid.

Versatile functions

  • Cards, IDs, licenses, documents, and more. Password Depot 17.2.1 Activator protects and manages not only your passwords but also credit card data, EC card, software licenses, identities, RDP connections, Putty and TeamViewer, and encrypted documents or files. Each type of entry offers a separate model.
  • You can add attachments containing e.g. additional information for entering your password. This attachment can be opened directly from the password repository and can be stored on a data storage medium.
  • Transfer the password. You can import the password entries from other password managers into the password keeper and export entries from the password keeper. To do this, the software offers special wizards that make it easy to import and export password information.
  • Clean up the database. This function searches for password entries that you have not used for a long time or have even expired. After that, the entries found can be deleted immediately. This ensures that your database is always up to date.
  • Look for the password entries. With this function, you can search for any string of characters in your database – whether in the password itself or inside, for example. their description and URL. To refine your results, you can use logical operators and relations.
  • External file encryption. Password Depot allows you to encrypt external files and then save them directly as individual entries in the software. In this way, Password Depot allows you to make confidential documents inaccessible to third parties.
  • Self-extracting files. While encrypting external data through Password Keeper, you can also create a self-extracting encrypted file. This method allows those who do not have the password manager to decrypt the main files as well.
  • Delete external files. With Password Depot Full Crack, you can delete external files, regardless of their format. In this way, the software leaves no traces on your hard drive, which means the files cannot be recovered by any application.

Convenient convenience

  • User-friendly interface. The user interface of Password Depot 17.2.1 Serial Number is similar to that of Windows Explorer. This allows you to efficiently navigate your password list and quickly find the password you were looking for.
  • Automatic completion. If you prefer, Password Depot Free Download automatically fills in your password data on websites opened in public browsers. This function goes through the internal parameters on the one hand, and through the so-called browser add-ons on the other hand.
  • Automatic recognition. You can configure the program to automatically recognize the password information for the website you are calling, then select that password entry for yourself – and, if you want, finally fill in that information for you. the website.
  • Top bar. The format of the program can be reduced to a narrow bar, the position of which can be determined individually: whether it can move freely or stick to the edge of the screen (Desktop Application Toolbar). This way the software is always at your disposal without disturbing you.
  • Direct opening of the website. URLs belonging to password entries stored in Password Depot can be opened directly from the program. This saves you from having to manually copy website addresses and then paste them into your browser.
  • Operation via mouse click. Accessing your password information can be done very easily with a single click of the mouse cursor. With just one mouse click, you can copy data to the clipboard and even drag it directly to the target field on the website.
  • Shortcut key. Password Depot displays keyboard shortcuts for common Windows commands (“Hotkeys”). With this hotkey, you can easily change the Password Depot format in the top bar or send it to the foreground when minimized in the system tray.
  • Unicode support. Password Depot supports Unicode, an international standard that defines a numeric code for each character. This allows you to use international characters such as “ä” or “ç” in your password information.
  • Trash can. Password Depot displays a trash can that contains deleted password data and allows it to be recovered

Individual arrangements

  • Configurable program options. Thanks to the extensive program options, Password Depot can be individually configured to the smallest detail – not only in its external layout but also in terms of internal functions such as a browser or network use.
  • Custom browser. You can decide for yourself which browser you want to use in this program. This way, you are not tied to common browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer, but you can also use Opera, for example.
  • Individual user mode. As a new user, you can only work with a few functions in Starter mode, while as an expert you can use all functions in Expert mode or explain your requests in Custom mode.
  • Personal favorites. The favorites list contains the passwords you use the most. Since you will probably want this frequently used data to always be available, the favorites list can be accessed directly through the top bar.
  • Special fields. You can extend the existing data entry fields with many fields that you define yourself. This is possible both for entering a password (“Custom field”) and for the entire database (“Global field”).
  • Password icon. You can save icons for your password entries, making it easy for you to find and identify them. These icons are even available if you open your password file on another PC as they are stored directly in the password file.
  • Individual security alert. You can set yourself which alerts you want Password Depot to display and which ones do not. Also, you can set yourself whether the program should notify you when your password expires and if so, how many days before the expiration date.
  • Password statistics. Clear statistics show at a glance how often you use which password. This way, you might also become aware of the entries that you are not using at all and can therefore delete them to keep your database up to date.

Flexible interaction

  • Enterprise servers. Password Depot has a separate server module, allowing multiple users to access the same password at the same time. Access to the password files can be performed over the local network or via the Internet.
  • Application for smartphones. Use your database on all your devices at the same time: reliable native apps available for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and even as a web interface!
  • USB key. Do you prefer conventional? No problem! You can save your database with Password Depot on a USB stick. This way you always have files and software available and can use them whenever you want.
  • Cloud device. Password Depot supports almost all file hosting services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Hid rive. By using the WebDAV protocol, you can add almost any other service. Thus, you can optionally save your data on the service of your choice.
  • Database on the Web. You can optionally store your encrypted password file on the Internet. This way you can always access your passwords, wherever you are! To access it, you can use HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV protocols, depending on your needs.

High-performance enterprise servers

  • We have a centralized shared team database. Use a database shared with authorized team members.
  • Active Directory. Optionally synchronize your users and groups with Active Directory.
  • Fire REST. Access corporate servers from your application.
  • Departments and groups. Divide your users into clearly organized departments and groups.
  • Detailed rights management. Assign permissions to databases, database folders, or individual entries.
  • History of data records. Save all changes to a single data record.
  • Notification system. Receive notifications about events, such as entry access.
  • Encrypted connection (AES 256 bits). The data exchange between the corporate server and the client is always encrypted with AES 256 bits.
  • SSL / TLS certificates and connections. Install the certificate and use an SSL / TLS connection (optional).
  • Mobile device. Access to the server with native applications for iOS and Android in addition to PC and Mac editions.

What’s new in Password Depot 17.2.1?

(Released on 20.11.2023)

  • Added the ability to change the entry type to a custom type.
  • Fixed an issue with processing 2FA requests when connecting via VPNs or proxies.
  • Several error corrections and improvements to the user interface.


Password Depot Serial Key & Patch Free Download

Password Depot Activator & Keygen Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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