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Description of XYplorer:

XYplorer 26.20.0100 Crack is a file manager for Windows. It features tabbed browsing, powerful file search, versatile previews, a highly customizable interface, optional dual panes, and a variety of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently repetitive tasks. Fast, lightweight, and portable.

XYplorer 26.20.0100 Keygen is a file management system that comes with a user-friendly interface and supports multiple tabs. This application is similar to Windows Explorer, so you shouldn’t have any problems using its features.

Why Use XYplorer 26.20.0100?

  • It’s Portable: XYplorer 26.20.0100 Patch is a portable file manager. It does not require any installation, stores all configuration data in the application data folder, and running it does not change your system or registry. Take it and boot it from a USB stick. Take-out file management.
  • It’s Tabbed: Tabs make it easier for you to switch between folders. Drag, hide, lock, name, or drop files into it. Tabs remember their configuration individually and between sessions. On top of that, you get a set of tabs and two panes.
  • Its Functional: XYplorer 26.20.0100 Serial Key was designed to make you faster. Various usability enhancements in an attractive interface help you streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. You will certainly save a lot of time.
  • It’s Scriptable: Yes, you can program this app—individual solutions for individual tasks. No plug-in is required; the script is exhausted. Even beginners can benefit from this feature as there are many ready-made scripts available on the forums.
  • It’s Fast: Speed ​​has always been a major design goal with XYplorer 26.20.0100 Activator. Code is continuously optimized for performance, with zero tolerance for lag. Also, the applications use less RAM, are lightweight (7MB) executables, and load almost instantly.
  • It’s Reliable and Robust: You can trust XYplorer. It works as expected and expected, and is very difficult to destroy. All issues are dealt with promptly and are usually resolved within hours. A large community is watching developments and constantly testing the frequent beta.
  • It’s Customizable: You can fine-tune the app to look and behave exactly the way you want it to. These range from fonts and colors to custom toolbar buttons and even file icons and program associations. And every part is fully portable. Same dark mode.
  • Responsive: Your customers’ voices are heard and taken seriously, you often get instant feedback, and your wishes may be implemented sooner than you think.

XYplorer 26.20.0100 Key Features:


  • Tabbed navigation. State-of-the-art file management using a true multi-tab interface.
  • The optional Dual Pane mode demonstrates productivity and ease of use, especially for those coming from orthodox file managers.
  • Introducing 6 navigation keys to navigate the whole file system with one hand with just 6 buttons.
  • The live filter box also allows for very efficient keyboard navigation.
  • Double breadcrumbs show the path to each panel and allow you to navigate efficiently through the entire file system.
  • Mini Tree, the author’s favorite feature, is a folder tree that shows only the paths you are using.
  • Mouse Up Show Down lets you access subfolders or open files directly from the mouse-driven, instant, non-invasive preview of folder contents.

File Operations

  • Queue file operations with background processing. Enjoy the speed and security of Copy Queue.
  • Custom Copy, an alternate copy method with verification, secure overwrite, detailed reports and logging, and more.
  • Zip support allows you to extract archives and add files to them, including pasting and dragging.
  • Quickly create new items from the configurable menu, a major time saver.
  • Rename herds using generic patterns, variables, and regular expressions. Preview included.


  • Powerful and fast file search supports Boolean logic, regular expressions, content search, etc.
  • Duplicate File Finder quickly lists duplicate files at any location.
  • There is also a duplicate image finder.
  • The branch view allows you to display the contents of all subfolders in a folder in a single list.
  • Customizable feed filters allow you to quickly concentrate on a subset of files.
  • Global visual filters can narrow your file system to items you create this year, month, week, today, and more.


  • Tag-based file management supports assigning individual labels, tags, and comments to any file and folder.
  • Color-code your files by name, size, date, age, or attributes to quickly find what matters to you right now.
  • Tab sets allow you to easily save and load entire workspaces.
  • The Catalog is a favorite steroids panel, serving as a launch panel, drop target, and script library.
  • Paper Folders allow you to create virtual collections of items from multiple locations, save search results, or organize photos in a permanent custom sort order.
  • Save your Outlook or Thunderbird email by dragging and dropping the fields “Sent Date”, “Subject”, “To” and “From” in the filename, the order, and the format of your choice.


  • One-click preview of all crucial images, audio, video, web, office, and font file formats.
  • The vertical preview pane offers a simple one-click preview of each selected file in the file list.
  • The floating preview is a fairly large preview pane that is separate from the main window for images and documents.
  • The quick audio preview lets you play the audio just by tapping on the file icon.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up is a unique way to quickly browse files without opening them, supporting thumbnails and icons, and displaying images and text.
  • Show the hover area to preview images, text, folders, and archives without a click. Look here and here and here and here.


  • The Custom column can show you everything you can about the file.
  • The size of the folder and the number of items can be displayed directly in the file list as the age of the file. The size can be visualized with a graph.
  • Age circles allow you to instantly understand the age of files.
  • Copy the name with a path with Ctrl + P and a similar handy little helper.
  • File hash values ​​can be calculated and displayed.
  • One-click reports on selected files, folders, or search results, including directories printed in various formats.
  • Information about the length of the file name. The small information bar at the far right of the inline renaming area indicates the length of the current file name.


  • Custom event actions: You set what happens when you double-click white space or open a new folder or in many other events.
  • Folder display settings. Autosave and restore specific folder view settings.
  • User-defined commands will reduce your daily routine to simple touches.
  • Scripting: Advanced solutions for advanced tasks. A heavy user’s dream.


  • Dark mode: XYplorer 26.20.0100 License Key offers portable, smart, and instant dark ways. One click and the app darkens in the blink of an eye.
  • Portable File Association. Home is where your double click is.
  • Custom File Icons means you can specify which icons to display for files and folders in XYplorer.
  • Toolbar: Configurable toolbar where most of the buttons have a specific context menu.
  • Keyboard: Customizable keyboard shortcuts for nearly 600 functions. Up to you!

Safety and Accessibility

  • Multi-level Undo / Redo for file operations, recorded between sessions, allows you to fix today what you broke yesterday.
  • Wipe is a method to delete files and folders irreversibly and safely.
  • Access control: Control accessible paths and authorized file operations. Company characteristics.
  • Adjust all font sizes quickly with Ctrl + Wheel, and Line heights with Ctrl + Shift + Wheel. The toolbar supports large icons. All colors are fully customizable, and Windows high contrast color scheme is supported.
  • The drag status area is a color-coded information area that appears on the mouse pointer when you hover over the drop target.

Last Not Least

  • Simple key-based registration, 100% hassle-free. No DRM hassles. Customers are not treated like pirates. XYplorer does not call home.
  • Its clear and user-friendly interface, simple and elegant, makes working with XYplorer easy and intuitive.
  • You can use XYplorer on all your computers. The license is per person and not per machine.
  • XYplorer has since offered a true lifetime license: never pay for future upgrades again.
  • XYplorer is constantly being improved and users are taken seriously.

Multilingual Support: XYplorer is available in English by default but supports many other interface languages.

What’s new in XYplorer 26.20.0100?

(Released on 11-07-2024)

  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.


XYplorer Patch & Serial Key Tested Free Download

XYplorer Full Keygen & Activator Latest Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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