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CAD Exchanger 3.22 Serial Key is a software suite enabling 3D CAD software developers and end users to visualize, convert, and analyze CAD, BIM, and 3D data. Load and convert models on Windows, Mac, and Linux without relying on expensive CAD systems. Works with CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, STEP, JT, IFC, and many other formats.

The key points of this update focus on providing Docker images including pre-configured environments for C++, C#, Java, and Python. This allows users to configure and run the CAD Exchanger SDK in their preferred environment. This saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual installation and configuration. This feature is currently available on request, with technical support providing links and detailed instructions.

A nice feature in CAD Exchanger 3.22 Crack is Model States, where currently data can only be imported for active configurations. Stability when importing models with model states may vary. Another goal is to extend the CAD Exchanger API to control import and export consumption during the testing phase. For example, users who have exceeded the usage limits of their trial license now receive a notification indicating the need for a purchase.

Why Choose CAD Exchanger 3.22?

  • Quality

Automatic algorithms to recover bad data and patented parallel computing technology to ensure the best performance.

  • Ease of use

CAD Exchanger 3.22 Patch is an intuitive, clear user interface for end users and a logically structured API with comprehensive documentation for software developers.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Perpetual licenses and subscriptions for software developers and end users. Practical for startup and corporate customers.

  • Connect different software

Data exchange between incompatible 3D and CAD software. Gain productivity with fast, accurate conversions.

  • Design Review

Study designs created in any major CAD software explore structure and properties, slice and explode views.

  • Model inspection

Check the dimensions and mass properties of the model, and take measurements to compare them with manufactured samples.

  • CAD data preparation

CAD Exchanger 3.22 License Key converts models to standard formats and generates custom meshes from CAD geometry for downstream applications.

CAD Exchanger 3.22 Key Features:

  • Import and Export

Data exchange in over 30 supported 3D CAD and BIM formats, preserving every content structure, geometry, metadata, and view. Import data from proprietary formats such as SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, NX, and Creo without expensive CAD software. Export data to STEP, JT, glTF, FBX, and other 3D and CAD formats. Enjoy blazingly fast conversions with intelligent parallel processing.

  • Full access to structures, properties, and PMI

Visualize B-Reps and polygonal geometry in a comprehensive, customizable 3D viewer. Browse part assembly structures and validate query components and custom properties. Explore PMI via specially prepared saved views or by browsing annotations one by one.

  • Look deeper into the 3D data

Enjoy precise geometry by measuring vertex positions, edge lengths, distances, and radii using your preferred units of measurement. Create section views to study the internal components of the model. View part and subassembly interactions in the expanded view.

  • Edit and tweak your models

Split and combine models of different formats. Rename and color objects. Move and rotate parts and assemblies with the manipulator to rearrange the model. CAD Exchanger 3.22 Keygen generates high-quality meshes for 3D rendering or digital analysis. Save results in CAD Exchanger’s proprietary format for later editing, or export them to the format of your choice.

What’s new in CAD Exchanger 3.22?

(Released on 23-09-2023)


  • CAD Exchanger SDK is now also shipped as Docker images. Images with C++, C#, Java, and Python environments are available.
  • Added import of mechanical, product, and custom properties from CATIA.
  • Added import of Autodesk Inventor 2022.


  • Fixed visibility of BRep Representation on macOS.
  • Fixed displaying of text elements in PMI.


  • Added the ability to save all polygonal representations with SDK native persistence.
  • Improved logging and added small improvements to Subprocess Mode.
  • Fixed the CMake file for examples on MacOS.
  • Fixed access violation that happens in C# code on C++ exception handling.
  • Fixed an issue with the import of the surface of revolution with a line as a basis curve.
  • Examples now choose correctly clang11 folder for mac64 and clang14 for macarm64.


  • Added new public exception BaseError_EvaluationLimit indicating that evaluation license usage limit exceeded.
  • Added new methods to ModelData_Vector2d, and ModelData_Direction2d.
  • Added new methods to ModelData_Model which allows to get property table with information about original file measurement units.
  • Python API is now available in SDK on MacOS. It can be used in Python apps running on CPython 3.7-3.11.


  • Added code snippets for C# and Python.
  • Updated SDK-supported configurations.
  • Removed deprecated tag for CDX and CDXWEB formats.
  • The description for the method D2() is corrected in cadex::ModelData_Curve Class Reference.
  • Added support of Docker images with integration instructions for SDK.
  • Updated description for WriteBRepRepresentation() and WritePolyRepresentation() methods.
  • Updated Web Toolkit tutorial to use ModelData_ModelReader.
  • Restructured high-level and Getting Started sections for easier orientation.
  • Added Manufacturing Toolkit documentation.

SDK/Visualization toolkit:

  • Fixed crash when ModelPrsWPF_ViewPort attaches to the scene.
  • Fixed visibility of BRep on macOS.
  • Fixed displaying of text elements in PMI.

SDK/Unity integration:

  • Fixed subprocess mode for Unity integration.
  • Fixed sharing of identical textures.

SDK/Eyeshot integration:

  • Added `Eyeshot Conversion` example that demonstrates Eyeshot integration.

SDK/Web Toolkit:

  • Added API for creating distance measurement between B-Rep shapes.
  • Fixed parsing of PMI triangulated components.
  • Fixed parsing of property table values in `time` format.
  • Fixed rendering of IndexedFaceSets without normals.
  • Fixed typescript definitions (d.ts file)
  • Examples:
    • Rewritten `reactjsviewer` example to React function components.
    • Fixed PMI data exploring in `modelexplorer` example.
    • Fixed infinite loading indicator in tree node in `mcadviewer` example.


  • Fixed the bug where some CAD Exchanger Batch licenses with 3D PDF format were not activated correctly.


  • Supported import of Autodesk Inventor 2022. Models that use configurations (Model States) may be imported incorrectly.


  • Added import of mechanical, product, and custom properties.


  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect import of IndexedTriangleSet’s data on some models.


  • Fixed a problem with missed elements in some closed 2D curves.
  • Fixed an issue in the import of the drawing’s dimensions.


  • Added support of Draco compression for import and export.
  • Added support for exporting graphical PMI as polylines.


  • Added support for missing external references recording.
  • Fixed crash for some models, for which LODs had not been loaded.


  • Fixed a crash during transfer caused by incorrect import of properties.
  • Fixed a crash during the import of some models 2020 version and above.
  • Fixed a regression in the import of some models with configurations.


  • Improved export of models with duplicated bodies.


CAD Exchanger GUI License Key & Crack Updated Free Download

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Instruction about installing CAD Exchanger 3.22:

  • Disconnect from the internet & also pause your Antivirus (Most significant).
  • Extract the package using WinZip or WinRAR and install CAD Exchanger 3.22 by setup.
  • After the installation, don’t launch the program or close it completely if launched.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • Complete the installation and launch the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy CAD Exchanger 3.22 Full Version.

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