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Heredis 2024 v24.1 Crack helps 100,000 genealogy enthusiasts and professionals every day to discover their ancestors and create impressive family trees. From researching documents to analyzing statistics, discover more than 150 features and carry out extraordinary investigations to trace your origins.

There is no better genealogy software than Heredis 2024 v24.1 License Key to create your family tree and quickly see the progress of your genealogical research. You will find more than 150 features in total to help you create, enhance, share, and connect your ancestral history. It’s an incomparable wealth of features!

Heredis 2024 v24.1 Key Benefits:

  • Easy to install: Download, install, and immediately start working on your genealogy.
  • Unlimited pedigree charts: Dozens of chart formats, designs, settings, and options (ancestor, descendant, or hourglass type).
  • Searching for ancestors: Search from Heredis using some of the major search engines or contact FamilySearch.
  • Sharing documents: Print and share your genealogy data: charts, picture books, personal websites, photo slideshows, and more.
  • All Devices: On Mac and PC, as well as on your smartphone and tablet; iOS and Android apps.
  • Dashboard: Track and follow your pedigree progress while posting meaningful stats.
  • Helpful tools: Capture actions and recordings, edit images, index, merge data, check consistency, etc.
  • Help & Support: Our user forums, our knowledge base, our presentation videos, and our large community of users around the world.
  • GEDCOM compatible: All files from other genealogy software or sites can be imported into Heredis.

Heredis 2024 v24.1 Key Features:

Data entry:

Create people, links, and family trees or import GEDCOM files. Add your family members, use your media as illustrations (photos, videos, sounds, pdf, and Word files, etc.), associative events (births, baptisms, weddings, etc.), witnesses, places, sources, personal notes, facts, alternate names, and much more…

  • GEDCOM import/export

You may have entered your genealogical data in other software… No need to re-enter everything in Heredis! Simply import your genealogy files directly into Heredis. GEDCOM import and export on Heredis 2024 v24.1 Patch is compatible with international genealogical data exchange standards and includes photos, videos, audio and pdf files, URLs, notes, etc.

  • 3 modes for data input

Basic, complete, or personalized, at every stage.

  • 4 types of calendars

In Hereditary, dates can also be entered with numbers, with or without separators, with numbers and letters, spelled or abbreviated in full. It can also be inscribed according to the Gregorian, Julian, French Republic, or Hebrew calendars. The date conversion tool allows you to convert the entered dates into one of the four calendars mentioned above. Each time you print a sheet, report, or chart, you have the option of choosing your date format.

  • Create persons

When creating your first tree, a quick entry window will ask you to enter the data of the first person in your family. This will usually be yourself: Surname, First name, Profession, Gender, Date of birth, Place of birth, etc. You can then attribute sources to your events, such as your birth certificate and a photo of yourself. Do the same for your parents, their parents, your spouse, your children, etc.

  • Manage events

Adoption, birth, baptism, marriage, census, military service, etc. There are dozens of event categories. Customize events or share events with multiple people of your pedigree.

  • Census

Benefit from a new input grid adapted to the population census and fully customizable!

  • Add media

You can complete your data by adding scanned images (photos, signatures, emblems, etc.), voice recordings (interviews, speeches, etc.), videos, or documents prepared in other software. Media can be added to a person, a spouse, an event, a source, a name, a first name, a profession, or a place.

  • Group entries

Easily enter several people and their relatives under the same entry screen: the main person, their parents, their spouse, their children, and their spouse/children are represented.

  • Manage sources

The source is the origin of the information you find. These may be original documents (such as manuscripts, correspondence, notes, etc.), official documents (such as civil or religious acts), or “reference” works (autobiographies, research works, presentations scientists, etc.) authenticity of the information.

  • Share events

Save time by sharing events with multiple people in your genealogy in one simple entry. This is very useful for example with census registers: enter the event once and link to each person named in the document.

  • Facts

Set your fact type and enter information such as education level, religion, physical description, nationality, social security number, etc.

  • Dead ends

A father or a mother seems untraceable. It is not uncommon to find abandoned children or children born to unknown fathers during genealogical research. In most cases, the chances of finding out who the parents are are pretty slim. You can now categorize these “dead ends” simply and quickly by checking the boxes Father not found and Mother not found. At any time, you can certify these people as complete so that you can move on and focus on more useful research without wasting extra time on your genealogy efforts.

  • Manage notes

Enter notes for a person, a family, an event, a place, a name, or support, and have fun playing with the format to make it easier to read: add a little color, bold words, use titles, and bulleted lists…

  • Manage Privacy

Hide, exclude, or filter people if you don’t want them to appear in posts, books, exports…

  • Manage variant names

Include multiple alternate spellings for the same name. Over the centuries, the spellings of surnames have changed frequently, as you will find in your genealogy research, and you are sure to come across a variety of spellings for the same surname. Select the current spelling as your primary surname and then you can assign all variations of the name you have registered.

  • Ahnentafel numbers

Ahnentafel is a pedigree numbering system for listing a person’s direct ancestors in a fixed order of ancestry.

  • User numbers

Use your numbering system for people in your genealogy.

  • FamilySearch ID

When you import data from FamilySearch, Heredis saves your FamilySearch numbering.

  • Geolocating Place Subdivisions

Genealogists can search for specific subdivisions on a map in OpenStreetMap®, cut and paste toponyms, complete/replace them, and drag and drop them onto the map.


Browse public records and large online genealogical databases. Directly from Heredis 2024 v24.1 Serial Key, you can enter civil status certificates, registers, and other useful documents to find your ancestors and their family history.

  • Search major genealogy databases

Select someone in Heredis then let the search assistant explore databases like FamilySearch, Heredis Online, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FindMyPast, etc. Use capture tools to integrate newly discovered sources directly into your pedigree.

  • Connecting to FamilySearch

Heredis 2024 v24.1 Keygen is certified by FamilySearch. FamilySearch is the world’s largest online collection of genealogical data. It offers over six billion people entries, which you can search on Heredis – from the comfort of your own home.

  • Search online archive websites

At Heredis, everything is at your fingertips: national archives, military databases, libraries, everywhere in the world – in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Europe, etc. Take the records you find and add them to your genealogy.

  • The simple or advanced search panel

Always available, allowing you to search for people, places, sources, media, and more.

  • Smart Search

Thanks to this powerful multi-criteria search engine, filter your data and find events such as a family without lineage, children born on the same day or outside marriage, private or family events, etc. Create your search template and save it for later.

  • Find/Replace

For example, it’s easy to find all instances of “St” and replace them with “Saint”; this tool can be combined with smart search and applied to various fields such as records, description/cause, health, and location subdivisions.


Create, publish, and print as many family trees as you want, to choose from dozens of chart options: short or tall, for an ancestor, descendant, fan, or hourglass, with 10, 50, or 100 generations.

  • Family

Heredis Full Version lets you see your family from four different angles, which is great for uncovering the information you might otherwise have overlooked. These views can give you important new information for your research and a better understanding of your family history.

  • Immediate family

The live family view shows a person’s immediate family members (parents, grandparents, spouse, and children). Cut to the chase by adding a new person to the immediate family. Adding a child, spouse, parent, or grandparent is quick and easy! With one click, go directly to the new people window in simple mode. A “super big” tree with the whole family – View and edit all your relatives and contemporaries in a completely redesigned family tree with 4 zoom levels. Children, grandchildren grandparents, and great-grandparents. Nephews and nephews, cousins, and second and third cousins. Sisters-in-law of parents and their children, uncles and aunts, uncles and great-aunts.

  • Location tree

Visually identify where your ancestors are! Find your root location with our color-coded location tree. Show off your hometown, county, state/province, or ancestral country, and gift this masterpiece to your loved ones—just print out the location tree!

  • Dynamic ancestors wheel

Edit your ancestral wheel to view a 360 representation of your family tree! Color the people on the wheel either by generation, gender, trimester, complete, or tagged people, to highlight the most relevant data from your genealogy file. This representation allows you to quickly visualize if an ancestor is missing on a branch. Your wheel chart can cover up to 12 generations. It can be exported in PDF format and then printed: it’s a superb table of ancestral wheels to share with your loved ones!

  • Edit your Descendants Wheel

Display in one click the ancestry of a person thanks to a 360 representation and highlight the interesting data: their ancestry by Family (spouse), all the ancestry in the Ahnentafel line, the ancestry whose parents are strangers, ancestry by branch… So many options come to mind to highlight key elements of your pedigree!

  • Designed family trees

Discover more than 30 options of illustrated trees created by a painter and artist. This ancestral tree was developed to add a touch of originality and absolutely must be printed.

  • Ancestors’ charts

Finding your ancestors is a good thing. Being able to display it in a graph that you can show others is even better. Create ancestral maps of all sizes and shapes in just a few clicks.

  • Descendants’ charts

Show children an optimized and clarified presentation. The different pairs of each offspring are presented in the same box, each with its number which is then found on its offspring. A very useful feature for finding and viewing half-sisters.

Documents and Sharing:

Edit and print reports, sheets, and picture books. Share your family tree on the Internet and from all your devices. Show your family album and tell the story of your ancestors.

  • On all devices

Heredis 2024 v24.1 Activator allows you to share genealogy files with another PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, tablet, or Android phone.

  • A personal website: Heredis Online New Generation!

Publish your genealogy on Heredis Online directly from your software. It only takes a few clicks to create a website dedicated to your ancestors, which you can share with anyone at no additional cost. You can add a password to authorize access to your website – your genealogy data is under your control.

  • Reports and Sheets

Generate, customize, export, and print reports on people, events, families, sources, places, and more. Heredis also allows you to publish files for each person or family in your files. Print, export, analyze, and rework each ancestor. Use the Heredis file to display the information you need and choose the layout that suits you best.

  • Books

Hereditaries can write the history of your ancestors for you. The Book of Ancestors and Descendants allows you to create a real family book, using appropriate terminology, which includes a preface, an introduction, a genealogical table, and an index at the end of the document. Bring ALL the families of any village into one genealogy book. Become an expert somewhere by editing your historical re-enactment of the village! Heredis 2022 allows you to edit a new genealogy book entitled Famille de mon village. It lists all the families, in alphabetical order, living or passing through this place: a person, his parents, his spouse, and his children and their spouses! A collection of information sure to help genealogists research a particular location!

  • Multimedia Slideshow

Your family photo is displayed on-screen with 9 different backgrounds and music themes for you to choose from. Export your ancestral slideshow to a USB drive and share it across multiple computers or even your TV if it comes with a web browser. You also have the option to choose the types of photos to include in the slideshow.


Hereditary line sets make a huge difference. Focus on your genealogy activities and reach new heights!

  • Capture and edit photos

Capture genealogy records, official documents, images, faces, and details from images, and even identify people in photos. A person you don’t know can initially be identified by someone close to you, which allows you to add information to this photo. If your image isn’t perfect, you can easily fix it. Crop, rotate, increase saturation, or turn a color image into a beautiful black-and-white image.

  • Manage your photo albums

Create original albums, publish them online, and share them with friends and family.

  • Interactive Mapping

Each event associated with a place is illustrated on an interactive map. Heredis 2024 v24.1 Serial Number is the only software capable of visualizing on an interactive map not only places but also the migratory flows of the whole family. In seconds, you can trace the lives of your ancestors and the whereabouts of their lineage, whether miles away or halfway around the world. Each map marker shows a list of inventoried events for that location. An ideal tool to visualize the migration of all immediate family members simultaneously and better understand family history.

  • Indexes

You can retrieve indexes created by other genealogists or in other hereditary genealogy files. Take all of his work to the location, including media, location description, and more. Available for Last Name, First Name, Profession, Location, and Source!

  • Convert dates

The date conversion tool allows you to convert any dates entered into one of the four hereditary recognized calendars: Gregorian, Julian, French, and Hebrew.

  • Date calculator

It can calculate the date of birth (if you enter the age of the person in a dating event), the date of the event (if you have an event where the age is mentioned) or it can calculate the age in an event.

  • Export family branches

Choose the data to be processed: siblings, personal, media, sources, facts, witnesses…

  • Custom reports

Edit amazing fully customizable reports and export them in Microsoft Excel or CSV format, even directly from Smart Search… 4 templates are available: Ancestors, Descendants, People, and Events.

  • Merge your duplicate ancestors easily and under control!

Have you ever created someone in your pedigree? Imported your cousin’s genealogy data into yours and now you end up with a lot of duplicates? Heredis Crack offers a new fusion module! It will help you from A to Z during this usually complicated process thanks to the comparison tree! Reviewing all of a person’s information is as easy as ABC. This tool offers a very high level of precision in the selection of information to be combined. Filling in the same data automatically will also save you time. All you have to do is focus on the conflicts that will be managed thanks to the alerts that will guide your choices.

  • Customizable workspace

Arrange your workspace according to your tastes and habits. Menus, buttons, toolbars, side panels, color themes, your display and automatic input preferences, creation of shortcuts, all of this is customizable in Heredis.


The dashboard offers a unique tool for monitoring your research: at a glance, you will know where you are in your pedigree.

  • Real-time monitoring

You will quickly discover the amount of information you have just added. Detailed information lets you perform a deeper analysis of your files and get a clearer picture of what you’ve found and what needs to be done.

  • Detailed statistics

Heredis 2024 v24.1 Registration Key publishes tables with numbers and a graphic representation of your genealogical data in the form of curves, histograms, or sectors.

  • Widgets

Widgets are configurable modules used to better display your ancestry data – you can choose to include them in your dashboard or simply print them.

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What’s new in Heredis 2024?
(Released on Sep 05, 2023)

New & Improved:

(Re)Discover your family across time

  • With the new Family Chronology feature, you can now visualize how your family history unfolded over time and place your ancestors back in the period and context they lived in.
  • You can also easily see how long your ancestors lived, and how old they were when their children or grandchildren were born, just to name a few examples.
  • Compare the lives of several ancestors from your family tree in just one glance, then imagine in what way their lives overlapped.

Mixed Wheel

  • Combining the best of both views on a single graph: the Ancestors and Descendants wheels reunited!
  • Bonus: The primary person is displayed with his/her spouse, or spouses if he/she has had more than one. Thus, you can get a more detailed analysis of their descendants! This new feature is also available in the Descendants Wheel!
  • Export it as a PDF file to send or print, and gift it as an original present. Display it at genealogy shows to illustrate the life of a famous character!

All the wheels boast new features!

  • You can now highlight persons without a birthplace. This new feature could prove to be quite useful, revealing any missing information you may have on some people!
  • Hide confidential persons: a useful feature when you wish to publish a wheel that may contain sensitive data.
  • Now you can display locations according to your preferences: City, City with Full Postal Code, City with Short Postal Code, City with County, City with State/Province, City with Country, City with County, State/Province, and Country, Full Place Name, or only Full Postal Code, or Short Postal Code, and so on.
  • Lastly, when exporting and printing wheels, you can hide the title.

Rename your media!

  • All too often, we add pictures to our genealogies that bear rather obscure names… Rename a picture easily from your Media Index, but also from the Photo Tool, so you can better organize and clean up your file!
  • One small step forward, but one GIANT leap for Heredis genealogists.

Keeping your data safe

  • We’re all keen on protecting what we publish from our family trees: whether it’s on the Internet or a sheet of paper intended for the general public, there’s private or confidential information in our trees that shouldn’t be published.
  • That’s why Heredis has made a few important improvements in this area!
  • From the Media Index, you can now select several media and make all of them private in just 2 clicks.
  • To help you avoid blunders, it is now possible to hide confidential persons in graphs: handy when you want to share a wheel containing confidential information.

Compress, transmit, open!

  • With the “Prepare to transmit” feature, opening your family tree in another Heredis application becomes as easy as 1-2-3! Compress your entire file with all associated media and open it easily in any other Heredis application: Mac to PC, PC to Mac, iOS to PC, Mac to Android… This new Heredis file format makes it easy to share your tree in an unlimited way since the size can now exceed 2 GB per file.

Your MasterClass Heredis 2024!

  • New: Get the Heredis 2024 MasterClass to learn all the functions of the Heredis software via short demonstration videos, and to have Heredis 2024 software installation backup at your fingertips.

The Heredis 2024 Mobile App

  • If you want to share your family tree with your 2024 version for Windows or Mac, you’ll need the 2024 version for iOS or Android. This new version has been updated to meet the requirements of the latest operating systems. It also includes several improvements:
    • The ability to enter source citations in basic and comprehensive modes: assign the same source to 2 different citations for events and facts.
    • The same source can be associated several times with an event or a fact.
    • Import or export with the new compressed format (.hmwz) to open files from a 2024 or 2024 version and all platforms.
    • Better default language management.

User Support

  • You will benefit from 2 years of technical support after purchasing a new version, should you encounter any problems or have any questions about how to use your software.

Over 50 improvements and fixes:

Integrate data from other software programs

  • When importing a Gedcom file from another software, some data may not be recognized by Heredis. You can now choose to integrate them into your file at the right spot in your software, by importing them as events or facts, or choose to ignore them if they are not relevant (importing the CREA Gedcom 7 tag, for instance). And there’s even greater compatibility with the Family Historian and Mac Family Tree software programs.

Enriched indexes for the Families from My Village document

  • The indexes for Families from my Village now include the total number of persons and the total number of places.
  • The occupation index has been added, with the number of occupations mentioned in the book and the reference to the related persons.

You can now choose the location format for your documents

  • From now on, display locations in any way you like in Sheets, Books, and Wheels! You can choose the format: just the City, the City with Postal Code, the City with Short Postal Code, the City with County, the City with State/Province, the City with Country, the City with County, State/Province, and Country, the Full Place Name, or just the Postal Code, or Short Postal Code, etc.

Private Notes are now easier to access and view

  • You now have a visual symbol showing whether a note is private or not, without the need to go through the editing window. The button for making them private is also directly accessible. This applies to Person, Search Data, Families, and Events notes.


Heredis Serial Key & Activator Tested Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10r
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 2 GB or more

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