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Description of Screaming Frog SEO Spider:

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 19.8 Crack is a powerful and flexible web crawler capable of effectively crawling both small and huge websites while allowing you to analyze the results in real time. It collects key data in place to enable SEOs to make informed decisions. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Full Version is a website crawler that helps you improve on-site SEO, by extracting data and auditing common SEO issues.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 19.8 Patch is a fast and powerful SEO site audit tool. It can be used to crawl small and very large websites, where manually checking every page would be exhausting, and you can easily skip redirects, meta updates, or duplicate page issues. You can view, analyze, and filter exploratory data as it is collected and continuously updated in the program’s user interface.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 19.8 Key Features:

  • Find Broken Links

Browse websites instantly and find broken links (404) and server errors. Bulk export of errors and source URLs to fix or send to developers.

  • Audit Redirects

Find temporary and permanent redirects, identify redirect chains and loops, or download a list of URLs to audit in-site migrations.

  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data

Analyze page titles and meta descriptions while crawling and identify which ones are too long, short, missing, or duplicated on your site.

  • Discover Duplicate Content

Find exact duplicate URLs with md5 algorithm check, partial duplicate elements like page title, description, or headers, and find low-content pages.

  • Extract Data with XPath

Collect all data from web page HTML using CSS Path, XPath, or regex. This can include social meta tags, additional titles, prices, SKUs, or more!

  • Review Robots & Directives

View URLs blocked by robots.txt, meta-robots, or X-Robots-Tag commands such as “noindex” or “nofollow”, as well as canonical URLs and rel=”next” and rel=”prev”.

  • Generate XML Sitemaps

Quickly generate XML sitemaps and image XML sitemaps, with advanced configuration via URL for inclusion, last modified, priority, and change frequency.

  • Integration with GA, GSC, and PSI

Connect to Google Analytics, Search Console, and PageSpeed ​​​​Insights API and retrieve user and performance data for all URLs in an analysis for better understanding.

  • Crawl JavaScript Websites

View web pages using the built-in Chromium WRS to explore dynamic, JavaScript-rich websites and frameworks, such as Angular, React, and Vue.js.

  • Visualise Site Architecture

Evaluate internal linking and URL structure with interactive directory drill push charts and tree-like site visualizations.

  • Schedule Audits

Schedule scans to run at selected intervals and automatically export scan data to any location, including Google Sheets. Or full automation via the command line.

  • Compare Crawls & Staging

Track the progress of SEO issues and opportunities and see what changes between crawls. Compare staging to a production environment using advanced URL mapping.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider 19.8 Tool Crawls & Reports On:

  • Errors – Client errors such as broken links and server errors (no response, 4XX client error, and 5XX server error).
  • Redirects – Permanent, temporary, JavaScript redirects, and meta refresh.
  • Blocked URLs – View and audit URLs not allowed by the robots.txt protocol.
  • Blocked Resources – View and audit blocked resources in render mode.
  • External Links – View all external links, status codes, and source pages.
  • Security – Find insecure pages, mixed content, insecure forms, missing security headers, etc.
  • URI Issues – Non-ASCII characters, underscores uppercase characters, parameters, or long URLs.
  • Duplicate Pages – Find exact and approximate duplicate pages using advanced algorithmic checking.
  • Page Titles – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or double title elements.
  • Meta Description – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or double descriptions.
  • Meta Keywords – Mainly for regional or reference search engines, as they are not used by Google, Bing, or Yahoo.
  • File Size – URL and image size.
  • Response Time – See how long it takes for the page to respond to a request.
  • Last-Modified Header – Display the last modified date in the HTTP header.
  • Crawl Depth – Find out how deep the URL is in the website architecture.
  • Word Count – Analyze the word count on each page.
  • H1 – Title is missing, double, long, short, or double.
  • H2 – Missing, duplicate, long, short, or double titles
  • Meta Robots – Index, noindex, follow, nofollow, noarchive, nosnippet, etc.
  • Meta Refresh – Includes target page and delay time.
  • Canonicals – Canonical HTTP header and link elements.
  • X-Robots-Tag – Display directives issued via HTTP Header.
  • Pagination – Display rel=” next” and rel=”prev” attributes.
  • Follow & Nofollow – View the nofollow meta and nofollow link attribute.
  • Redirect Chains – Find redirect chains and loops.
  • Hreflang Attributes – Audit for missing confirmation links, inconsistent and incorrect language codes, non-canonical hreflang, and more.
  • Inlinks – See all pages linked by URL, anchor text, and whether the link is following or not.
  • Outlinks – View all linked pages by URL, as well as resources.
  • Anchor Text – All link text. Alt text of an image with a link.
  • Rendering – Analyzes JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS and React, exploring the rendered HTML after the JavaScript has run.
  • AJAX – Choose to adhere to Google’s now deprecated AJAX crawling scheme.
  • Images – All URLs with image links and all images on a specific page. The image is over 100KB, the alt text is missing, and the alt text is over 100 characters.
  • User-Agent Switcher – Crawls like Googlebot, Bingbot, Yahoo! Slurp, mobile user-agent, or your own custom UA.
  • Custom HTTP Headers – Provide all header values ​​in requests, from Accept-Language to Cookies.
  • Custom Source Code Search – Find anything you want in a website’s source code! Whether it is Google Analytics code, text-specific code, etc.
  • Custom Extraction – Scrape all data from HTML URL using XPath, CSS path selector, or regex.
    Google Analytics Integration – Connect to the Google Analytics API and pull user data and conversions directly while mining.
  • Google Search Console Integration – Connect to the Google Search Analytics API and collect impressions, clicks, and average position data against URLs.
  • PageSpeed ​​Insights Integration – Connect to the PSI API for Lighthouse metrics, speed opportunities, diagnostics, and Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) data at scale.
  • External Link Metrics – Pull external link metrics from Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz APIs into analytics to perform content or profile link audits.
  • XML Sitemap Generation – Create XML sitemaps and image sitemaps using SEO spider.
  • Custom robots.txt – Upload, edit, and test your site’s robots.txt file using the new custom robots.txt file.
  • Rendered Screenshots – Take, view, and analyze crawled generated pages.
  • Store & View HTML & Rendered HTML – Important for DOM parsing.
  • AMP Crawl & Validation – Crawl AMP URLs and validate them using the official built-in AMP validator.
  • XML Sitemap Analysis – Explore the XML sitemap independently or as part of an analysis, to find missing, unindexable, and unindexed pages.
  • Visualizations – Analyzes a website’s internal links and URL structure, using tree diagrams and tree charts of force-directed crawling and directories.
  • Structured Data and Validation – Extract and validate structured data against specifications and Google search tools.
  • Spelling and Grammar – Spelling and grammar check your website in over 25 different languages.
  • Crawl Comparison – Compare crawl data to see changes in issues and opportunities to track technical SEO progress. Compare site structure, detect changes in key elements and metrics, and use URL mapping to compare stages with live sites.

What’s new in Screaming Frog SEO Spider 19.8?

(Released on 12-03-2024)

  • Fix the issue preventing scheduled tasks with ‘Export for Looker Studio’ being loaded.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider Serial Key with Patch Tested Free Download

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Keygen with Activator Latest Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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