Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 6.0 Build 6097 Crack {2021} Free Download

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Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 6.0 Build 6097 Crack includes all the speed and functionality of the Photo Mechanic with the addition of a premium image database to catalog every photo you have taken. All of Photo Mechanic’s functions and features are the same you’ve always used, with a new catalog feature to index every photo you’ve taken.

Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 6.0 Build 6097 Key Features:

  • Scroll A Million Photos Without A Pause

Camera Bits Photo Mechanic takes performance to a new level. Browse a million photos without stopping.

  • Powerful Search Box

Search gives you the power of simple or complex searches to find what you’re looking for across multiple drives

  • Saved Searches

Perform precise advanced searches and save them to always find what you need

  • Filters

Browse by date, camera, lens, rating, color class… whatever you need!

  • Multiple Catalogs

Use, search or browse multiple catalogs at the same time. Stay organized between multiple projects or search for them all!

  • Collections

Use collections to combine images from multiple folders or drives into a cohesive unit to keep you organized or present to customers.

What’s new in Camera Bits Photo Mechanic 6.0 Build 6097?

(Released on Sep 21, 2021)


  • Added: SmugMug uploader now allows the replacing of files when uploading.
  • Added: Dropbox uploader now supports short-lived access tokens.
  • Fixed: DXO jpegs start XMP caption with lang x-repair, which PM can’t handle.
  • Fixed: PM.log file is spammed with error messages when failure to load various file types occurs.
  • Fixed: Twitter uploader should now work again.
  • Fixed: PhotoShelter uploads with duplicate filenames create FormulaActionErrors.
  • Removed: Demotix and ExposureManager upload templates. Both services no longer exist.


  • Fixed: Editing of ‘Field’ Column when customizing Metadata Info and Template causes that field to disappear.
  • Fixed: Certain Preferences checkboxes have click targets that are offset from the actual checkbox themselves.
  • Fixed: Renaming files retries a few times before giving up. Some users have external drives that spin down (sleep mode) and can take time to spin up again.
  • Fixed: Rotated videos don’t crop properly.
  • Fixed: “Select Similar Photos” option not available in Color Class context/submenu.
  • Fixed: Better accuracy for the user’s preferred time on videos. Makes saving a still frame to a JPEG more accurate.
  • Fixed: Hidden (invisible) volumes are no longer processed during volume-mounted notifications. Also, they will not be considered as a camera cards.
  • Fixed: Time Machine snapshot volumes are now ignored.
  • Fixed: Copying files with extended attributes to ExFAT formatted drives fail.
  • Fixed: Copy/Move Photos dialog repositions on restore when Renaming is disabled.
  • Fixed: Highlights and Shadows pane in the Preview window shows black text in Light UI mode and is hard to read.


  • Added: Windows Installer, Implemented Evergreen WebView2 Runtime Deployment. This is added in preparation for using the Microsoft Edge browser for GPS map features instead of the phased-out Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Photo Mechanic Plus Crack & Keygen Latest Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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