Folder Size Updated Crack & License Key Free Download

Folder Size Patch & Keygen Latest Full Free Download

Folder Size Keygen & Crack Updated Full Free Download

Folder Size Full Crack is a great utility that can scan your computer and display all file and folder sizes. You can easily check your disk space distribution as this tool will provide detailed information about files and folder size including their subfolders.

The Explorer-style interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Folder Size Patch displays the folder tree on the left and the sizes of folders and files in a neat table on the right. You can also see the percentage of the file or folder size relative to their parent. The results can be sorted by different criteria so that you can sort them by folder size to find the largest items.

Folder Size Serial Key will scan your hard drive and display the file size and folder size so that you can easily check your disk space allocation. The application will display the size of folders and files as well as the percentage of the total size of the disk occupied. Reports can be neatly sorted to identify larger folders and larger files. You can easily know which files or folders are taking up space on your drive as the folder size Free Download will also analyze the size of all subfolders. This application can scan your entire hard drive-in minutes with its optimized scan algorithm and detailed lists of tree size and file size. The progressive scan will allow you to continue scanning from the point of trouble.

Besides scanning entire hard drive, Folder Size Keygen can also scan a single folder to save time. This tool will help you to clean the disk easily by listing all file and folder sizes in a neat report. The program’s interface is user-friendly. You can select a local or removable storage drive and let Folder Size do the scanning process.

Once this task is completed, you can select any location in the folder view, so that the application can display the size, percentage, total number of files, folders and subfolders, creation dates, modification, and access, as well as the attributes and owners of each file or subfolder.

Folder Size Key Features:

  • Find and display all file sizes and folder sizes.
  • Scan the entire storage device or selected folder.
  • Display file size and folder size in various graphics – histogram, pie chart, etc.
  • Detailed information on all file sizes and folder sizes listed in the table:
  • Last name
  • Folder size or file size
  • File size or percentage of folder size of parent folder size
  • Files are counted in folders
  • Number of subfolders
  • Creation time
  • Time of last modification
  • Time of last access
  • Folder and group owners
  • File and folder reports:
  • The largest file
  • The biggest file
  • Largest files and folders
  • Oldest file
  • The oldest file
  • Oldest files and folders
  • Recent files
  • Recent cases
  • Recent files and folders
  • Longest path and longest filename
  • Sort options based on all of the different criteria listed above – folder name, folder size, file size, etc.
  • Analyze folders using drag and drop.
  • Command-line option to scan folder tree size – scan “folder path”
  • Windows Explorer “Scan by Folder Size” context menu.
  • Option to rearrange or hide columns from the list according to your preferences.
  • Option to display file size and folder size in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, or automatically determine the most suitable size format.
  • Locate the selected folder or file from tree size in Windows Explorer via the context menu.
  • Show Windows folder or file properties dialog box.
  • Delete folders or files.
  • Open the file with the associated application by double-clicking.
  • Remove a folder or file from the tree size list to check the folder size after deleting an item.
  • Support for all types of storage devices – hard drives, CD-ROMs, USB sticks, floppy disks.
  • Progressive scan. If you stopped scanning, scanning will resume from the point of interruption, saving processing time. If you have deleted an item from the following scan list, it will be very quick just by updating the missing items.
  • Easy Explorer-style navigation via Previous, Next, and Previous Folder tool buttons.
  • Lists detailed information about disk size, including total disk size, used disk space, and free disk space.
  • Intuitive Explorer-style user interface and rich documentation.
  • Export file size and folder size to a CSV or XML file.
  • Save/load the scanned data for file size and folder size so that you can compare them with the following scans.
  • License for life!

What’s new in Folder Size

(Released on December 22, 2020)

  • Added: Option to show/hide A: and B: floppy drives
  • Added: A: and B: floppy drives are hidden by default – improves startup speed on Windows 10
  • Added: Folder tree sorted by size by default
  • Added: Multiple new command-line flags to customize export settings
  • Added: Lighter background colors for bar charts for easier readability


Folder Size Keygen & License Key Full Free Download

Folder Size Patch & Serial Key Full Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista, XP
  • CPU: Pentium-233 MHz or higher
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 5 MB free hard disk space

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